Order Time Topic Speaker
  13:00-13:30 Sign in
1 13:30-13:50 Opening Address C.L. Liu, Ph. ,Chairperson
2 13:50-14:10 Global LED Industry Trend Analysis in 2017 Roger Chu, Chief Analyst
3 14:10-14:30 The Development Of Micro-LED Display Technology Liu Zhaojun, The Assistant Professor In Joint Institute Of Engineering Of Carnegie Mellon University In Sun Yat-sen University
4 14:30-14:50 Future Trend on UV-LED Technology and Product Development and Its Total Solution Donald SUN,Lightning Optoelectronic Co., Ltd Technical Director
5 14:50-15:10 Chinese LED Industry Analysis and Prospects in 2017 Allen Yu, Analyst
  15:10-15:20 Break
6 15:20-15:40 New opportunities for Chinese automotive lighting market Terri Wang, Senior Analyst
7 15:40-16:00 Apply full-wave optoelectronic innovation to meet the omnibearingly intelligent world. Liang Litian, The director of the industry research labratory in EPISTAR marketing center.
8 16:00-16:20 Opportunity and Risk Analysis of Niche Lighting Market Vita Wang, Analyst
9 16:20-16:40 LED Industry’s Price War Analysis Figo Wang, Senior Analyst

The Agenda is preliminary and subject to change without notice.

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