Speaker's Name C.L. Liu Job title Regional Marketing Manager APAC, Solid State Lighting
Topic Opening Address
C.L. Liu received his Sc.D. degree (1962) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was on the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1962-72) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1972-98), and served as President and Professor of Computer Science at the National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan from 1998 to 2002. In addition, he serves as Board member and consultant at a number of high tech companies in Taiwan, and is active in educational as well as charitable services on a worldwide basis. His expertise is in the semiconductor area, particularly in the design and manufacturing aspects. He is a member of Academia Sinica, a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery.
领英ID:C. L. Liu

Speaker's Name Roger Chu Job title Chief Analyst
Topic Global LED Industry Trend Analysis in 2017
Roger Chu oversees the Green Energy Business Unit of TrendForce Corp., and specializes in market research on the LED industry, including end-product makers ranging from LED components, lighting, backlight to manufacturers. Additionally, he also handles the research on batteries in the Green Energy Business Unit. Mr. Chu once was an analyst at DRAMeXchange. He also worked for Hua Nan Securities as an analyst and Qunmao Management Consulting Company as a management trainee. His previous research scope covered DRAM, packaging and testing as well as other electronic industries. Mr. Chu graduated from the Graduate Institute of Finance, Chaoyang University of Technology. 领英ID:Roger Chu 儲于超

Speaker's Name Liu Zhaojun Job title The Assistant Professor Iin Joint Institute Of Engineering Of Carnegie Mellon University In Sun Yat-sen University
Topic The Development Of Micro-LED Display Technology

Liu Zhaojun is the associate professor in School of Electronics and Information Technology of Sun Yat-sen University, assistant professor in Joint Institute of Engineering of Carnegie Mellon University, visiting professor of Carnegie Mellon University, doctoral supervisor, SID life member and SID technical member of Beijing Committee. He has carried out researches on micro-LED since 2006, and his team is one of the world's first micro-LED research teams. Currently he has published more than 50 papers and applied for 10 American patents with 7 patents authorized as well as 50 Chinese patents with 18 patents authorized. The research directions include Micro-LEDs, optoelectronic integration, wearable devices, micro-nano materials and components, etc.

领英ID:George ZhaojunLiu

Speaker's Name Donald SUN Job title Lightning Optoelectronic Co., Ltd Technical Director
Topic Future Trend on UV-LED Technology and Product Development and Its Total Solution

Dr. Donald SUN, senior optoelectronic industry technology expert, LED products application expert,  Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST). He has been participating and led the research projects of Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission, during his Ph.D. study, he had published US Patent 4 items; international academic journals papers 4 articles (first author); international academic conference papers 5 articles (first author); oral and poster reported in the International Conference 5 times, hence accredited by Society for Information Display (SID) and China Ministry of education a few times. Before joining the LED industry, Dr Sun focused on Silicon LCD (LCOS) and promotion, he then successfully apply it to the Pico-Projector module and design-in Google Glass product, the invention of the color filter-LCOS (CF-LCOS) patented technology has been successfully promoted to the consumer electronics market and keep pace with Texas Instruments ' DLP technology at the same time. Since joining in the LED industry, Dr Sun's research focus on the design and application of high quality white light LED lighting, LED driver on board (DoB) module/engine design and development, UVLED (UVA and UVC) modules, horticulture lighting LED module as well as system development. Dr Sun is also responsible for patent technology portfolio as well as the enterprise's standardization and intellectual property system construction, he had participated in CHINA SOLID STATE LIGHTING ALLIANCE (CSA) standardization, GSC standard LED module project and local standards revision in the field of LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province. Dr. Sun also holds the post of the Guangdong Province material research academic society, optoelectronic material and application board member as well as Guangzhou LED industry alliance standardization technical committee.

领英ID:Donald SUN

Speaker's Name Allen Yu Job title Analyst
Topic Chinese LED Industry Analysis and Prospects in 2017
Allen Yu is mainly responsible for market survey of Chinese Mainland LED chip and package fields, and research on the upstream and midstream industry and other related industries. Mr. Yu has many years of research experience in the LED industry, proficiency in a variety of research tools and methods, and has a profound and unique insight on the development of LED chip and package industry.

Speaker's Name Terri Wang Job title Senior Analyst
Topic New opportunities for Chinese automotive lighting market
Mainly responsible for specification and price survey of LED packaging and light source, also conduct the research on oversea lighting market like policy standard and enterprise dynamic. Terri Wang has kept track of global lighting market and lighting-use packaging LED market dynamic, observing the changes of LED lighting industry in view of globalization, continually providing accurate price and market dynamic for LED industry.
领英ID:王婷(Terri Wang)

Speaker's Name Liang Litian Job title The director of the industry research labratory in EPISTAR marketing center.
Topic Apply full-wave optoelectronic innovation to meet the omnibearingly intelligent world.

Mr. Liang Litian works as the project director of Industry Research Institute of the marketing center in Epistar. He is responsible for LED industry research in the company, including visible and invisible light, new related terminal application markets, application and technology exploration. He has career experiences in optoelectronics industry for more than 20 years. Before taking over the work of investigation and research, he works as the project manager in the backlight applications in EPISTAR, responsible for LED product management and customer strategies. Before joining Epistar, he was the product manager of television business group in AUO, responsible for the management and marketing of LCD screen used in large-sized TVs. Before working on LCD, he had worked in the LED packaging factory Unity Opto for many years, serving successively as the process, project and research manager. He led the team to develop infrared and visible package products, and to attain lots of patents. Besides, at the early stage, he participated and built ISO and QS systems.

领英ID:Liang Litian
Speaker's Name Vita Wang Job title analyst
Topic Opportunity and Risk Analysis of Niche Lighting Market
Research fields: LED lighting;LED policies and standards;industrial dynamics development
领英ID:王菊先 (Vita Wang)

Speaker's Name Figo Wang Job title Senior Analyst
Topic LED Industry’s Price War Analysis
Figo Wang owns abundant experience in the LED industry, surveys and tracks the development and technological advancement of the LED industry in the long term, and focuses on LED industrial developing trend and enterprise competition strategy research.
领英ID:王飞 (Figo Wang)



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