LEDforum 2013 Agenda

Day 1 (10/16)

LED advanced technology and innovative application – the opportunities and challenges
  Time Topic Company Speaker
opening 09:30-09:40 Welcoming Speech TrendForce
Dr. C.L. Liu, Chairperson
Dr. B.J. Lee, Chairperson
1 09:40-10:10 Keynote: From Market Overview to Technology to Light Quality : LED Lighting Today and Future Osram Opto Michael Schmitt, Regional Marketing Manager APAC, Solid State Lighting
2 10:10-10:40 Technology Development of LED Chip San'an Opto Simon Lin, San'an Fujian Province Vice President
3 10:40-11:10 Opportunities and Challenges of GaN-on-Si Technology Veeco Kenny Sun, Director of Veeco's Taiwan Technology Center
11:10-11:30 Networking Break    
4 11:30-12:00 Sapphire market review: is shortage possible? Monocrystal Mikhail Berest, Senior VP Global Sales Director
5 12:00-12:30 Enabling MOCVD Technology for LED Lighting Aixtron Dr. Christian Geng, Vice President Southeast Asia General Manager AIXTRON Taiwan
  12:30-13:30 Lunch
6 13:30-14:00 Progress and Development for Display Related Applications. Epistar Scott Chen, Deputy Director, Marketing Center
7 14:00-14:30 High Volume Manufacturing Solution for Low Cost GaN LED Epi-Stack using Multi-Wafer HVPE Tool GT Advanced Technologies Dr. P.S. Raghavan, Chief Technology Officer
8 14:30-15:00 Trend of LED lead-frame Chang Wah Electro materials Canon Huang, Chairman
9 15:00-15:30 Quantum Dot-enhanced LCD TV QD Vision Dr. John Ho, Advanced Development Manager
  15:30-15:50 Networking Break    
10 15:50-16:20 LED Light Therapy: Cosmetic Surgery Liverage Biomedical Dr. Simon Gau, President &CEO
11 16:20-16:50 Micro LED Projection  ITRI Dr. Yen-Hsiang Fang, Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories
12 16:50-17:20 Changing the way the world takes pictures Philips Lumileds Dr. Michel Zwanenburg, Marketing Director

Day 2 (10/17)

LED lighting technology and architectural lighting – a new LED future
  Time Topic Company Speaker
opening 09:30-09:40 Welcoming Speech TrendForce
Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA)
Dr. C.L. Liu, Chairperson
Bily Wang, Chairman
1 09:40-10:10 Keynote: Evolution and Challenges of LED Lighting LED Philips Lumileds Sean Zhou, Regional Marketing Director
2 10:10-10:40 LED Phosphor application on Backlighting and General Lighting Merck Calvin Yeh, Global Strategic Marketing Manager
10:40-11:00 Networking Break    
3 11:00-11:30 The Technology Development of LED Packaging for Lighting Nichia Yoshihiko Naito, Sales Manager
4 11:30-12:00 ACRICH on lighting applications Seoul Semiconductor Scarphen Sun, Principal Engineer
  12:00-13:20 Lunch
5 13:20-13:50 Connecting Technology Of LED And Automation For LED Luminaire Production BJB Jacky Liu, Sr. Sales Manager (Board Director of TLFEA)
6 13:50-14:20 The LED packaging technology and its applications CREE Vincent Chu, Senior Manager, Field Application Engineering, APEC
7 14:20-14:50 LED Lighting for commercial space – in Europe / North American market Davinci Lighting Steve Chiu, General Manager
8 14:50-15:20 The standards of retrofit LED lamps MLS Lighting Lawrence Lin, Marketing & Sales General Manager
  15:20-15:40 Networking Break    
9 15:40-16:10 What Is The Best Lighting Design? BeLight.com CC Hwang, Art Director
10 16:10-16:40 LED Lighting in hotels and grand residences
GUANG Lighting Design Alexander C.N. Sun, Principal n' Managing Director
11 16:40-17:10 2014 LED Market Outlook TrendForce Roger Chu, Research Director of Green Energy Division

The Agenda is preliminary and subject to change without notice

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